Zeiss Meta

Location A2.40
Contact person
2nd Contact person:
Techniques: Confocal imaging and related techniques
Widefield imaging with camera
Multiphoton microscopy
Spectral detection
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Booking: The Zeiss Meta confocal microscope can be booked via the webcalender and is only available for trained users. For first time-users contact Mark Hink (+6211).
Lasers: 445 nm diode laser
480 nm diode laser
514 nm diode laser
543 nm HeNe laser
633 nm heNe laser
Multiphoton excitation (~720-960 nm)
  Objectives: 10x Plan Apo, NA 0.3 (air)
20x Plan Apo, NA 0.75 (air)
40x C-Apochromat, NA1.2 (water)

63x Plan Apo, NA 1.25 (oil)
100x Plan Neofluor, NA 1.3 (oil)
  Filters: Download filter scheme here
  Accessoires: Zeiss AxioCAM camera
Spectral detector
Coherent Verdi +Mira multiphoton system
  Software: Zen2009. Images can be openend in Zen (licensed), the freely available Zeiss Zen Lite viewer and in ImageJ combined with the Bioformats LOCI plugin.
  Manuals: LCAM Zeiss Cellobserver Start-up manual
LCAM user rules