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LCAM-FNWI user training courses (regular, latest: 4 Feb 2017)
LCAM organizes on a regular basis a 1-day course for new users who are interested in applying fluorescence microscopy in their research. The course is compulsory for those who are going to use the equipment of  the LCAM. The ”1-Day confocal course” treats the basic principles of confocal microscopy, laser safety and includes one day of hands-on experience. In future more advanced courses will be organised focusing at a specific technique, dependent on the demand of the CAM-users.
      for more info about the upcoming course contact Ronald Breedijk (+31 -20 525 7860).


Basics in fluorescence microscopy (annual, latest: 13-15 March 2017)
A 3-day advanced course for PhD students, postdocs and lab technicians in biology, biophysics and (bio)medicine. It  provides detailed knowledge of the working principles of confocal and widefield fluorescence imaging, with special emphasis on experiment related issues, such as optical aberrations, photobleaching, specimen preparation and selection of the proper dye. practicalThe course integrates theoretical lectures with hands-on experiments and practical experience. Experts in the field of confocal microscopy development will give an overview of “state-of-the-art” imaging techniques in biological research.

 After the course the participants will have experience in the operation of the confocal scanning light microscope and basic knowledge of the possible techniques – and hazards – for the preparation of biological specimen for microscopic analysis. They will have both a qualitative and quantitative perception of the physical principles of image formation in high resolution three-dimensional microscopy, including such topics as: resolution, photon efficiency, spherical and chromatic aberration. Furthermore, they will obtain a working knowledge of image acquisition and restoration.
    for more info about the course contact Mark Hink (+31 -20 525 6211) and check


In the footsteps of Van Leeuwenhoek (even years, latest: June 2018)
An advanced course for graduate students and lab technicians in biology, biophysics and (bio)medicine.  In addition to the different basic microscopy courses organised at the AMC, NKI & FNWI, an advanced microscopy course is organized which focuses fully on intensive hands-on practical sessions and interactive discussions with experts in the various microscope techniques. During the course you will visit the the three LCAM imaging centres. In each institute you will focus in depth on specific advanced imaging techniques, including measuring intra- and inter-molecular protein interactions using FRET, FLIM & FCS – Confocal microscopy methods including spinning disk (CLSM) – Superresolution microscopy- Confocal quality control – Correlative microscopy (bridging fluorescence microscopy and electron microscopy) – Usage of fluorophores such as FlAsH/ReAsH. In 2017 this course will be a special version: The FEBS advanced course “Functional imaging of cellular signaling”.
    for more info about the course contact Mark Hink (+31 -20 525 6211) and check



UvA bachelor and master courses (annual)
The equipment and expertise of LCAM is also used in the following regular UvA educational courses. Since 2011 a dedicated UvA masterstudy exists: “Biomedical Sciences – Cell Biology and Advanced Microscopy“.
– Cellulaire Oncologie (bachelor, Feb-Mar)
– Molecular Structure in Biology (masters, Sept)
– Advanced Microscopy (masters, Oct)
    for more info about the courses visit the UvA Course catalog.


FNWI Masterclass Fluorescentie Microscopie (next: November 2017)
Twice a year a masterclass Fluorescence Microscopy is organised. In collaboration with the It’s Academy this two days course in Dutch will allow 12-20 motivated 5 & 6-VWO students to learn more about biology and microscopy.
    for more info about the masterclass contact Mark Hink (+31 -20 525 6211) and check