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Interested in a scientific collaboration with LCAM?     
LCAM is an expertise centre and aims to perform high level scientific research where the light microscope has a central role.  The staff of LCAM has the expertise, skills and experience to give professional support and coaching for local, national and international researchers.

Note that LCAM is not a facility; it is an expertise centre. This implies that the LCAM-staff works together with the guests of LCAM based on a scientific collaboration.

LCAM maintains customized equipment for :course1

  • Microscopy capable of f.e. FRAP, spectral analysis, TIRF, FLIM, FCS & super-resolution microscopy
  • Spectroscopy in a cuvette, such as absorption spectrophotometry and steady-state fluorimetry
  • Biochemistry including benches, cold room, hoods, centrifuges and chromatographs.
  • Cell culture including flow cabinets and incubators.
  • Data analysis including workstations with software for data processing and visualization.

New Users
For scientists from UvA who are interested to make use of the equipment and expertise of the van Leeuwenhoek Centre for Advanced Microscopy (LCAM) we will use the following procedure:

  1. Intake discussion. Together with the LCAM staff the collaborative project form will be filled, discussing topics like project description and goals, involved users, techniques/microscopes to be used, requirements for training and data analysis, planned publications and IP.
  2. Self-study course microscopy1 for the users that will carry out the microscopy experiments. We make use of the online course MyScope, where new users will learn the basic concepts of fluorescence (confocal) microscopy. In addition, one can play with the Virtual microscope tool to learn the basic buttons of a microscope. Users can check their knowledge level via the online test.
  3. Confocal training day1. This is a 1 day course where users will follow lectures in the morning where those concepts of microscopy will be presented that were unclear in the online course. In addition, practical issues of microscopy experiments, laser safety and LCAM lab rules will be discussed. During the afternoon a practical session is organized where small groups of users will learn how to perform basic handling of a microscope. The training days this academic year will be in 2023 at Jun 14th, Sep 21st, Dec 6th and in 2024: Feb 7th, Apr 3rd & Jun 5th.. Contact use at least 2 weeks in advance if you would like to participate (because of the self-study course preceeding).
  4. Microscopy exam. In order to make sure that the user does have enough knowledge to handle the 300-1000 kEuro microscope equipment, the user will have to pass an online microscopy exam.
  5. Microscope training session. Together with the microscope contact person the user will get a personal training at the specific microscope that will be used during the project. After this session the user is able to work at the microscope itself.

1 The user may have followed other LCAM, UvA or external microscopy courses already that will cover (partly) points 2 & 3.

For scientists from outside UvA who are interested to make use of the equipment and expertise of the van Leeuwenhoek Centre for Advanced Microscopy (LCAM) we will use the EuroBioImaging access procedure. Please contact us in advance to discusss your project and then fill in the online application form available at the Eurobioimaging website.

Intake discussion  
Inquiries about starting up a collaboration with LCAM should be directed to:

Mark Hink
manager LCAM-FNWI
van Leeuwenhoek Centre for Advanced Microscopy
Section of Molecular Cytology
Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences
University of Amsterdam


The applicant is required to:
– Agree to the LCAM user rules.
– Be familiar with Bio and Laser Safety rules. These issues are discussed during the intake discussion and  LCAM Confocal training day that is mandatory for every LCAM user.
– Submit all final peer-reviewed journal manuscripts that arise from work at LCAM, upon acceptance for publication.

LCAM new user information
LCAM user rules
LCAM info, laser safety & microscopy lab rules
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Molecular Cytology handbook

Myscope online microscopy course
– UvA Biological safety rules
EuroBioImaging Access for Users