Leica SP8

Photo Location: Sciencepark room A2.40
Contact person: staff-Ronald
2nd Contact person: staff-Mark
Techniques: Confocal imaging of max. 5 channels
(Semi-)Widefield imaging
Standard confocal techniques like co-localization & FRAP
Booking: The microscope can be booked by trained users only. The schedule can be viewed in the webcalender. First time-users should contact Mark Hink.
Lasers: 405 nm diode laser
440 nm dpss laser
458, 476, 488 & 514 nm Argon ion laser
561 nm dpss laser
594 nm HeNe laser
633 nm HeNe laser
For more info about laser safety, contact Ronald Breedijk (+7860)
Objectives: HC Plan Apo 10x, NA0.4 (air)
HC Plan Apo 20x, NA0.75 (air)
HC Plan Apo 40x, NA1.3 (oil)
HC Plan Apo 63x, NA1.4 (oil)
HC Plan Apo 63x, NA1.2 (water)
Filters: Download laser and filter scheme here
Accessoires: Equiped with Okolab 37oC incubation box with option for CO2
Possibility for  automatic H2O re-immersion of objective
Software: Leica Las-X, images can be imported into ImageJ using the LOCI plugin
Manuals: LCAM Leica SP8 Start-up manual
LCAM user rules
LCAM Manual connection to data-server
Las-X helpfiles available via desktop link or via Mark