Leica stereomicroscope

microscope-LeicaStereo    Location: LCAM, Room A2.34
Contact person: staff-Ronald
2nd Contact person: staff-Mark
Techniques: (Semi-)Widefield imaging
Booking: The Leica microscope can be booked via the webcalender and is only available for trained users. For first time-users contact Ronald Breedijk (+7860).
Description: The stereomicroscope is a low magnification microscope to quickly inspect the fluorescence in large sized samples, petridishes or multiwell plates. Excitation: 50 Watt mercury lamp     
For more info about laser safety, contact Ronald  Breedijk
  Objectives: Adjustable 1-10x magnification
  Microscope: Leica MZFLIII microscope
  Detection filters: Name                              excitation           detection
BFP (BandPass)               395-422                 452/45
BFP (LongPass)               406/15 & SP560   LP450
CFP                                  435/20                   480/40
GFP3 (BP)                       470/40                   525/50
GFP2 (LP)                       480/40                   LP510
YFP                                  500/20                   535/30
OFP (BP)                         546/10                   590/50
OFP (LP)                         546/10                   LP570
RFP                                  580/20                   645/75
FRFP                              600/14                  LP650
  Accessoires: ThorLabs CCD camera
Transmission lamp with fiber output
  Software: Image acquisition with Nikon NIS Elements
  Manuals: LCAM Stereomicroscope Start-up manual
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