Zeiss LSM510

  Location: LCAM, Room A2.40
Contact person: staff-Ronald
2nd Contact person: staff-Mark
Techniques: (Semi-)Widefield imaging
Confocal imaging
Standard confocal techniques like co-localization  & FRAP
Multi-Photon Excitation (MPE)
UV excitation
Booking: The LSM510 microscope can be booked by trained users only. To book the microscope Ronald Breedijk (+7860) should be contacted. The measurement schedule will be published in the webcalender on Thursday,  the week before. For first time-users contact Ronald Breedijk (+7860).
Description: The Zeiss LSM510 is a four-channel confocal microscope also capable to perform UV- or MultiPhoton-excitation. Lasers: 355 (405) nm UV laser
445 nm diode laser

488 nm diode laser
514 nm diode laser
543 nm HeNe laser
561 nm diode laser
633 nm HeNe laser
700-960 nm Multi-photon laser

For more info about laser safety, contact Ronald Breedijk (+7860)

1. Plan Apochromat, 10x  NA 0.30 (air)
2. Plan Apochromat, 20 x  NA 0.75 (air)
3. C-Apochromat, 40x  NA 1.2 (water)
4. Plan-Apochromat, 63x NA 1.40( oil)
5. Plan-Apochromat, 100x NA 1.40( oil)
6. Plan-Apochromat, 63x NA 1.40 PH3( oil)

  Microscope: Axiovert 200M + mercury and transmission lamp
CFP, FITC and TRITC fluorescence cubes
motorized Marzhauser stage
  Detection filters: Download filter-scheme
  Accessoires: Small temperature box
Multi-photon & UV excitation
Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) – bottom head
  Software: LSM files can be viewed and processed with the LSM AIM software (dongle required), the free LSM  ImageBrowser software or exported to other standard formats. The Loci plugin can be used to import the files into ImageJ or use the Fiji variant.
  Manual: LCAM LSM510 manual
LCAM LSM510 filter sheet
LCAM user rules
Zeiss LSM Meta manual  (hardcopy only)