Nikon Cell Observer

 cellobserver Location: LCAM, Room A2.34
Contact person:
2nd Contact person:
Techniques: (Semi-)Widefield imaging
Booking: The Nikon Cellobserver microscope can be booked via the webcalender and is only available for trained users. For first time-users contact Ronald Breedijk (+7860).
Description: This Nikon widefield microscope is equiped with a set of LED’s  and 37oC incubation chamber, making it suited for multi-color experiments possibly combined with long term measurements   Excitation: LED-based microscope equipped with camera system having the follwing excitation lines:

395 nm
440 nm
470 nm
508 nm
555/570 nm
640 nm


Plan Apochromat 20x NA 0.75
Plan Apochromat 40x NA 0.95
Plan Apochromat 60x NA 1.4 (oil)

Plan Apochromat 100x NA1.45 (oil)
Plan Apo 10x NA 0.45
  Microscope: Nikon
  Detection filters: Download filter scheme here
  Camera filters:

DAPI FF01-450/70
CFP FF01-479/40|
GFP FF01-527/70
YFP FF01-550/49|
TRITC FF01-593/46

  Accessoires: OKO-lab incubation chamber for temperature and CO2 control and perfect focus option
  Software: NIS Elements & JOBS macro editor
  Manuals: LCAM Nikon Cellobserver Start-up manual
LCAM user rules