microscope-Andor    Location: LCAM, room A2.42
Contact person: staff-Ronald
2nd Contact person: staff-Mark
Techniques (Semi-)Widefield imaging
Confocal imaging (using spinning disk).    
Total Internal Reflection Microscopy (TIRF)
Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP)
Photo-Activation Localization Microscopy (PALM)
Multi-point confocal imaging (using Mosaic multimirror)
Booking: The Andor microscope can be booked via the webcalender and is only  available for trained users. For bookings or first time-users contact Ronald Breedijk (+7860).
Description: This Nikon TI microscope body can be equiped with multiple modular components like an Andor spinning disk and FRAPPA unit for confocal imaging, a laser setup with Optosplit and EMCCD cameras for super-resolution microscopy (PALM) or a multimirror device for widefield super-resolution imaging. The setup allows for laser incoupling under an angle, needed for total internal refelection microscopy (TIRF) or oblique angle illumination.  Lasers: 405 nm
440 nm
488 nm
561 nm
594 nm  (not available yet)
For more info about laser safety, contact Ronald Breedijk (+7860)
  Objectives: 20x Plan Fluor, Extra long working distance N.A. 0.45, air
60x, N.A. 0.95, air

60x Apo TIRF, N.A. 1.49, oil
100x Apo TIRF, N.A. 1.49, oil
  Microscope: Nikon Ti microscope + mercury and transmission lamp
multiple fluorescence cubes (see detection filters)
Yokogawa CSU X-1 motorized, triple dichroic spinning disk unit
Andor FRAPPA unit
2x Andor iXon 897 CCD camera’s
3x Sutter excitation or emission filter wheels
Andor Optosplit II dual color,-single channel unit
  Detection filters: Download filter-scheme here
  Accessoires: OKO-lab incubation chamber for temperature and CO2 control
Prior motorized nanoscanZ stage + joystick
Nikon perfect focusing system
Nikon external phase contrast (for 60 & 100x TIRF)
  Software: Andor files can be viewed with the Andor IQ 1.10.3 software (dongle required) or exported into other standard formats. For camera readout Andor Solis or Micromanager can be used.
  Manuals: LCAM Andor Start-up manual
LCAM user rules
Nikon Ti manual (hardcopy only)
Yokogawa manual (hardcopy only)
Andor FRAPPA manual  (hardcopy only)