Olympus/Picoquant FLCCS microscope

Location LCAM, Room A2.42 
Contact person  staff-Mark
2nd Contact person staff-Ronald
Techniques (Semi-)Widefield imaging
Confocal imaging
Standard confocal techniques like co-localization & FRAP
Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy (FFS)
Confocal fluorescence lifetime microscopy (FLIM)
Single-molecule analysis (SM)
Booking The microscope can be booked by trained users only. The schedule can be viewed in the webcalender. To book the microscope and for first time-users contact Mark Hink.
Lasers 405 nm diode laser (pulsing) 
440 nm diode laser (pulsing)     
478 nm, diode laser (pulsing)
561 nm dpss laser (CW)

560 nm diode laser (pulsing)
514 nm diode laser (CW)
633 nm HeNe laser (CW)
other laser incoupling possibility locally or from laser room (>500 nm)
For more info about laser safety, contact Ronald Breedijk (+7860)
Objectives 10x air UPLS Apo, N.A. 0.4 (wd 3.1 mm)
60x water immersed UPLS Apochromat, N.A. 1.2 (wd 0.28 mm)
60x silicon immersed UPLS Apochromat, N.A. 1.4 (wd 0.28 mm)
Description: An Olympus Fluoview FV1000 confocal microscope, coupled to Picoquant’s pulsed laser diodes, MPD detectors and PicoHarp300 timing device for time-correlated single-photon counting. This machine is dedicated for confocal fluorescence lifetime imaging and fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy. Microscopes Olympus IX81 inverted microscope
FV1000 scan- and confocal detection head with three PMTs,
Mercury and transmission lamp and transmission detector
FITC/GFP (U-MNB2), CFP+YFP (U-M51017) and TRITC/RFP (U-MWG2) fluorescence cubes
Prior motorized xyz stage
Z-drift compensation system (ZDF)
  Detection filters Download filter-scheme here
  Accessoires FV1000 fiber output to Picoquant detection unit
Picoquant Fiber Coupling Unit II
Picoquant Sepia II laser driver module
Picoquant PH300
Custom-made PQ detection unit with 4 MPD Avalanche photodiodes
Equiped with Nikon Okolab 37oC incubation box
  Software Fluoview1000 files can be viewed with the Olympus viewer software or exported in other standard formats.

The Picoquant FCS/FLIM files can be processed using SymPhoTime 64 v1.5 software (dongle required), imported in SSTC’s FFS Dataprocessor or Matlab or converted by LCAM’s “ptu-converter” (check Links webpage)

  Manuals LCAM Olympus Start-up manual
LCAM user rules