Zeiss Axioscope A1

Location: LCAM, Room A2.40
Contact person: staff-Ronald
2nd Contact person: staff-Mark
Techniques: Widefield imaging
Booking: To book the microscope Ronald Breedijk (+7860) should be contacted. The measurement schedule will be published in the webcalender on Thursday,  the week ahead. For first time-users contact Ronald Breedijk (+7860).
Description: The Zeiss Axioscope A1 is an upright widefield microscope equiped with a lamp and several detection cubes. Lamps: HXP Metal halide lamp
Transmission lamp from bottom

Plan Neofluor 5x/0.16 Pol (Air)
Plan Apochromat 100x/1.4 PH3 (Oil)
Plan Apochromat 60x/1.4 PH3 (Oil)
Plan Apochromat 20x/0.6  (Air)

  Microscope: Axioscope
  Detection filters:
  1. Brightfield (=white light)
  2. DAPI
    3. CFP
    4. GFP
    5. YFP
    6. TexasRed
  Accessoires: x
  Software: Nikon Nis Elements
  Manual: LCAM Zeiss Axioscope A1 manual
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