Meeting: ELMI 2023 organised in the Netherlands

ELMI 2023 will be organized in the Netherlands, exactly 300 years after the Dutch microscopist Antoni van Leeuwenhoek performed his last microscopy observations. And earlier this week NL-BioImaging received funding for a fully integrated advanced light microscopy infrastructure! LCAM is heavily involved in the organisation of this international event.

The 22nd International European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting will be held in June 6-9 2023, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands. Please register at

There will be sessions on Functional imaging, New technologies, Data management end analysis, Intravital & light sheet microscopy, CLEM and High content imaging. Invited speakers are already listed on the website but also many talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts. Important deadlines are

•             Deadline abstract submission: 31 March 2023

•             Deadline early fee participants: Thursday, 14 April

and please book your room as well, separately from the meeting registration. ELMI2023 will be in a conference center with the meeting, restaurants and hotel under one roof.