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Research highlight: Bright red fluorescent protein created

After years of trying, biologists have succeeded in creating an extremely bright red fluorescent protein in the lab. This is good news for researchers, including cancer and stem cell researchers, who use fluorescent proteins to track essential cellular processes. The

Giulia De Luca (SILS) wins Upcoming Scientist Award at Innovation for Health 2015

17 February 2015 Giulia De Luca, PhD candidate with the Molecular Cytology group at the Swammerdam Institute of Life Sciences (SILS), won the Upcoming Scientist Award at the Innovation for Health conference held in Amsterdam in February. At the conference

Nikon and University of Amsterdam open Centre of Excellence in Super Resolution microscopy

Nikon Instruments Europe has partnered with the University of Amsterdam to open a new Center of Excellence in Super Resolution microscopy development.  The opening on 23 October 2012, of the  state-of-the-art facility  enables research across a broad range of disciplines.

LCAM receives top scores from Euro-BioImaging

The application of LCAM (a collaborative microscopy center between SILS-FNWI, AMC and NKI) to become a Euro-BioImaging Flaghship centre for Functional Imaging was awarded with the highest possible ranking. Prof.dr. T.W.J. Gadella (LCAM-FNWI, SILS), dr. K. Jalink (LCAM-NKI) & dr.