LCAM receives top scores from Euro-BioImaging

The application of LCAM (a collaborative microscopy center between SILS-FNWI, AMC and NKI) to become a Euro-BioImaging Flaghship centre for Functional Imaging was awarded with the highest possible ranking. Prof.dr. T.W.J. Gadella (LCAM-FNWI, SILS), dr. K. Jalink (LCAM-NKI) & dr. E.A.J Reits (LCAM-AMC) as foremost functional imaging specialists in LCAM prepared an Expression of Interest application in April 2013

  • Euro-BioImaging is a new pan-European ESFRI initiative to set up an advanced microscopy research infrastructure for selected state-of-the-art imaging techniques. Among those are Functional Imaging Microscopy, which aims at quantifying molecular states, interactions, diffusion and conformations within living cells and provides pivotal data for the life sciences, and High Content Microscopy which provides very high resolution microscopy data for large parallel screens.
  • 71 Imaging centers from 19 countries submitted their Expression of Interest (EoI) to Euro-BioImaging. For the review procedure, the scientific excellence, the microscopy infrastructure, technological expertise, training programs and track record, as well as the expressed interest from external (international) users was evaluated. An Independent Evaluation Board (IEB) consisting of 33 international leading experts for imaging technologies and infrastructures ranked the applications.
  • LCAM, received the maximum score of 5 ‘Michelin’ stars. The IEB panel concluded that LCAM submitted a “very strong application from a very strong unified microscopy center”;  that “ the applicants have an excellent history in terms of technique/probe development, research productivity and running of an imaging center with visiting groups”;  that there are “provisions for strong education and training, and an ideal central location in Europe” and that “The panel is convinced that this Expression of Interest should be highly recommended for Euro-BioImaging Node”.
  • LCAM also participated in a Dutch multi-sited Flagship EoI application for High-Content Microscopy together with Leiden and Utrecht Universities, which also received 5 stars from the IEB panel. Together this underscores the international leading level of microscopy research within LCAM.